Alzheimer’s Pride

I have Alzheimer’s Disease and I’m proud of it. I’m not happy about it – who would be? – but there’s nothing I can do to change it. So I intend to embrace it. There is so much prejudice and misunderstanding around Alzheimers. People don’t know about dementia in general, or Alzheimer’s in particular. SoContinue reading “Alzheimer’s Pride”

Art and Music

I’d given up on painting and drawing. I seemed to have neither the skill nor the enthusiasm. But then I bought a smart speaker. Suddenly my life is transformed -and I’m back to drawing as long as music is playing,

The A Word

Back to the Anne Rowling Clinic for a diagnosis. Lovely neurologist shows me the scans..there are gaps between parts of my brain and my skull where there really shouldn’t be gaps. On the SPECT scan most of my brain is orange except for the bright blue bits. It’s interesting what isn’t shown. Alzheimer’s normally startsContinue reading “The A Word”

A letter

The Neurologist copies me in to a letter from him to my GP saying that MRI shows bilateral parietal damage and that this leads him to suspect Alzheimers. He’s still waiting on the analysis of the fluid. The A word has been used quite a bit – but I hadn’t seen it written down asContinue reading “A letter”

Scans and Things

I get the MRI done -what a weird experience, being stuck inside a metal tube for half an hour with Thor striking his anvil just beside your head. Glad when it’s over Then the Lumbar Puncture, in which cerebrospinal fluid is taken from your spine. Not nice at all …it took three separate lots ofContinue reading “Scans and Things”

More tests

The Neurologist I get to see at the Anne Rowling clinic is lovely. He says that there’s clearly something going on, but he’s not sure quite what – do is sending me for an MRI scan and a Lumbar Puncture. He says that whilst I’m not at a stage that classified as dementia I goContinue reading “More tests”

Seeing things

I wasn’t aware of having vision difficulties – except that a few days later I momentarily lost the sight in my left eye. And when it returned I could see a light grey speckled blob, I was able to get an appointment at the local optometrist’s who assured me that yes, there was a problemContinue reading “Seeing things”


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